Swerve - Sherilee Gray GAH! this book is raw and dirty and oh so romantic. Hugh and Shay have both faced a hard life because of their parents. Shay though had an easier time thanks to her Grandmother but Hugh had to take the wrong path in life in order to survive. Just when he thought that his life was stable and back on the straight and narrow, his father's debts come back to haunt them, forcing him down the wrong path once again.

Shay has her own demons to contend with. But together they find solace and peace in each other's arms even if it's just a temporary reprieve. Feelings just complicate everything and messes with her judgement. Hugh is so not her type so she can't possibly feel anything for him except lust? Or can she allow herself to dream of a future with someone she knows nothing about.?

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review