Amarna Book III: Book of Raia

Amarna Book III: Book of Raia - Grea Alexander What a tangled web this is. King Mursili's unshakable faith in the prophecy and his single minded focus on the big picture disregarding every loss, Nacamakun, almost mad over the grief of what he has lost in the quest to place the Amarna bloodline back on the Throne, Idamun's maternal instincts screaming at her to keep her son safe from the vengeance of his enemies and of course the various gods executing their own plans. The fate of Egypt and Hatti hang in the balance.

This concluding installment in the Amarna series will take you on a journey of turmoil, betrayal, doubt and madness. And the end will make you either smile or then as in my case, thirsting for more.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.