Say You're Mine (Shillings Agency)

Say You're Mine (Shillings Agency) - Diane Alberts Friends to lovers is the best kind of theme there can be. It always guarantees an HEA because they know each other inside and out. That is why Steven Thomas and Lauren Brixton make the perfect couple. Only thing is Steven can't see that Lauren has been in love with him since forever. But because she's never given him a clue he's happy to remain clueless until he starts seeing something in her that he's failed to notice before. And now that he has acknowledged his attraction to her it cannot be ignored.

Lauren knows that if she lets Steven know how she really feels she will lose him. She knows him like she knows herself, except that he never speaks about his time as a SEAL and what exactly it is that is eating him up from inside. She can’t bear to see him on the path to self-destruction. Loving him like she does, she is willing to even cross the one line that she knows he will never tolerate, just so that she can save him from himself. But she might just lose him in the process.

A slightly heartbreaking story (I admit I did get a little teary-eyed) about the horrors of war and how love can help overcome that trauma and heal you enough to try living and loving once again.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.