Beauty and the Werewolf

Beauty and the Werewolf - Kristin Miller This is the 2nd book in the San Francisco Wolf Pack series. This book was much better than the first. A lot more depth, emotionally as well as story wise. Isabelle Connelly's character is caught between a rock and a hard place; one being her Alpha wolf father whose battle with a rare form of cancer is coming to an end and the other Jack MacGrath, a reclusive lone wolf with no Luminary mate, so his lifespan is just about up.

She has trained all her life to take over the pack. But her passion has always been her art, something that her father never appreciated nor encouraged. Her successful secret life as the artist Bella Nolan is unknown to most. It's her last chance to show her true self to him. So she plans a private showing of all of her works and is now tracking them down to add to her display.

Jack has spent the last 20 years staying high on adrenalin just so he can add on a bit more time. His love for art has been a source of comfort especially the works of Bella Nolan. He has 12 in his collection, the last one won in a bidding war between him and Isabelle. But a single touch gives him back the hope he had lost of finding his Luminary. In spite of the obvious attraction and the possibility of love Isabelle's loyalty to her pack is unshakeable and she refuses to even consider a mating. The MacGraths and Connellys are rivals, enemies even and her father will never give his consent for their mating even if it dooms Isabelle's fate to the same one Jack is currently facing.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review