Ansel (The Regiville Tales, Book Three)

Ansel (The Regiville Tales, Book Three) - Desirae Grove There is never a lack of maniacal psychos in Regiville. In the third book of the Regiville Tales we meet Prof. Blossom Ravi, a twisted professor with a God complex. Of course, it is this very complex that kickstart the events that forces Ansel Gattesky to reconsider his lifestyle and his childhood infatuation with Juniper "Crazy Legs"Aristos is an added bonus. When Juniper is attacked by a werewolf Ansel steps in to help. Being a werepanther he understands the changes her life is about the undergo. But the natural enmity of the 2 werebeasts keeps getting in the way. Ansel is determined not to lose Juniper as a friend or as a human being. As they go in search of the beats that bit her they discover there is something more sinister going on than just a rogue werewolf.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review