The Runaway Highlander (The Highland Renegades)

The Runaway Highlander (The Highland Renegades) - R. L. Syme Anne de Cheyne was promised to Broccin Sinclair, but when he chose to fight for Scotland and was stripped of his title and exiled, her mother decided to seek other suitors for her; or rather sell her to the highest bidder. At one of these attempts to make a match for her is where she meets Aedan Donne, a scarred gun for hire. His disfigurement does not deter her from falling for him because she can see the man behind the scar.

When an opportunity arises that would help her escape the bought marriage and secure the safety and futures of herself and her sister, Anne jumps at it. Soon she becomes embroiled in a plan to help her former fiance escape from prison and finds Aedan hot on her heels; paid by her mother to bring her back.

But convincing him that she is better off running for her life with the Renegades than going back to her mother and betrothed, puts a whole new plan in motion; one that has Aeden dreaming of a future with Anne.

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