Modern Monsters (Entangled Teen)

Modern Monsters (Entangled Teen) - Kelley York This book deals with some serious issues of high school life. Underaged drinking, peer pressure, bullying and all the repercussions that occur due to the ripple effect this creates. Vic is the stereotypical loner, the quiet introvert with a stutter. His best friend Brett is the opposite; good looking, popular with brains to boot. Vic is Brett's shadow, his tag along, so when Brett gets invited to a party Vic is right there with him.

But something tragic happens to a girl at the party and all blame is turned on to Vic, because he was the one who had been unfortunate enough to help her after she had passed out from drinking too much. He had always been invisible to everyone but now he was in the spotlight and everyone felt obliged to make him pay for his alleged crime. Even his own mother believes he is guilty.

So he sets out to find out the truth with the aid of an unexpected ally. But the reality of the truth is harsher than he expected and he might end up losing everyone that he loves in his very quiet and lonely life.

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