The List

The List - Kate L. Mary Awwwww *sniff sniff. This is one of the sweetest and most heartbreaking books I've read. Annie has been sheltered all her life, slowly suffocating beneath her father's paranoia and going away to college is her only escape. Unfortunately all that overprotectiveness left her highly unprepared for dealing with the reality of college and life as a teenager in general. She's never dressed up or had her hair or nails done, never put on make up or jewelry, never been been to a party, on a date or even had a first kiss. Moving purely on instinct she has got herself into a bit of a mess with Chris and Ryan, childhood BFs and both of them very interested in her. Where Chris is sweet and makes her heart flutter, Ryan makes her blood boil and she has much more in common with him. But Ryan is a good guy and won't go for the girl that Chris is interested in no matter how bad he wants to be her first everything.

Free copy provided in exchange for an honest review.