1#Awakened by the Vampire Prince (Rosebud)

1#Awakened by the Vampire Prince (Rosebud) - Charlene Hartnady Of all the books in this interlinked series I thought I loved Ward and Stephany's story the best. But after reading Rosebud, my loyalties are quickly shifting. Xavier and Esral have got to be the SWEETEST couple and I have great hopes for this serial.

Esral has fallen hard for Xavier. Since the time he was assigned to guard her, she has tried every game in the book in order to incite some kind of reaction from him but he remains stoic, honorable and very serious about his duties. But when her father falls ill she feels responsible for his condition being unable to secure a royal mating. When rumors and scandals surround her in her elven home and her brother too treats her as badly as the common folk, she turns her attention to another vampire guard, so that her father may recover without feeling that his daughter was "defective"

Considering that Xavier is a prince, has his pick of vampire females and is pretty much unscrupulous in doing so, he has proved himself to be a real gentleman in Esral's case. Taking a mate may not be a part of his plans but he is unable to keep his feelings for her under wraps anymore, because now she has turned her attentions to York and he has also witnessed what his refusal to mate her has made of her reputation within her ancestral home.

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