Desiring Red

Desiring Red - Kristin Miller Ivy Douglas is a pre-shifter without a pack or a mate. Time is running out for Ivy. She needs the support of a mate and a pack to help her learn the ways of the shifter life. This night will decide her fate and her future in the Arcana Wolf pack. Holding to tradition, all pre-shifter females must present themselves to Lukas the Alpha. The honor is bestowed upon the one female who will be spend an hour with the Alpha before the mating ceremony. But before Ivy has the chance to present herself she is caught up in Reaper's web of attraction and desire.

But Reaper is the former Alpha, with a vendetta of his own. Just his presence is a threat the Alpha's rule. Though Reaper has no desire to rule or mate, his attraction toward Ivy is disturbing and the thought of letting Lukas have her is too much for him to digest.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.