Kayden/Simon - Alexandra Ivy, Laura Wright Kayden
This one has to be one of the sweetest stories I've read in this series so far. Kayden is hell bent on revenge. When he can't get his hands on the guy who killed his parents, he takes the next best thing, his daughter. Bianca has lead a sheltered and isolated life. Her father says it's for her safety but she never suspected that he may have ulterior motive. Not until she meets Kayden who reveals the truth behind her cancer treatments and unmasks her father in the process

This story was an unusual one. A Pantera who actually wants to stay away from the Wildlands, who wants nothing to do with them. Unfortunately the leader of the Pantera has other plans and sends his best tracker after him. Tryst, revels in being Pantera, spending more time in her cat rather than her human form. Well, Simon is about to teacher her that she can enjoy life a lot more in human form. But Tryst is going to make him see that being Pantera is what he truly is inside.

Even though both these novellas are really short, the storyline is meaty and the chemistry between both sets of characters is explosive as ever.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.