His Defiant Princess

His Defiant Princess - Kathleen O'Brien Brenna Tinley and Ronnie Vee are in love and the 3 months they've spent together hiking and sleeping under the stars of Cornetta have been the best of their lives but then one day Ronnie just leaves her sleeping and she never hears from him again. Many years later Brenna moves to Cornetta where she discovers that her Ronnie is actually HRH Prince Ronan, second to the throne of Cornetta. But after 9 years apart he is reaching out to her and asking for the help of her PR company for his family, the royal family of Cornetta.

Her heart was once broken by him and she has paid for the mistakes that she made after he left her. Can she spend 2 weeks with him and still survive? Or will her time between their 2 meetings drive them further apart?
A lovely story about a strong independent woman facing the odds on her own and of love once lost being found again.

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