Can't Hold Back: A Returning Home Novel

Can't Hold Back: A Returning Home Novel - Serena Bell What a lovely book about sacrifice and unconditional love. Alia Drake has always put her baby sister Becca, before anything, including her own heart. So when she see the obvious interest of both parties, she lets Becca "have" Nate Riordan. When things eventually go awry, she is embarrassed and ashamed at the role she played.

Years later, Nate returns battered and scarred from the war and the only one who can help him manage his pain is Alia. A hoard of hurt feelings does not help with the awkwardness of the situation, but once she get through to him and Nate realizes that Alia can really help him, things begin to change for the better. Once again nothing seems to be in Alia's favor so she decides to take the plunge and risk losing everything to steal a few moments with Nate. Only this time she also risks losing her heart and breaking it in the process.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.