Dark Flame (The Flame Series Book 3)

Dark Flame (The Flame Series Book 3) - Caris Roane Once more we see the coming together of a couple from 2 different species. It is now becoming obvious to all involved that there is something at play in their Alter world. Making things much more complicated are the cartels, their variations of the flame drug and their sex slave trade. Juliet and Brannick play their role by trying to get as many of the human girls out of Five Bridges. Even though they have not spoken since their first meeting, Brannick feels as if he knows Juliet... intimately. His dreams are plagued with her but he can't explain the familiarity he feels.

Juliet on the other hand knows the reason why. She's been dreamgliding with him... illegally. Brannick has sworn off intimate relationships because his past is proof that his work endangers the people he loves. Unfortunately his unconscious self is in a hot and heavy relationship with Juliet. But then Roche kidnaps Mary, a close friend of theirs and Juliet is his next target because of her fae abilities. Brannick and Juliet are forced together in real time and very soon his conscious and unconscious selves begin to merge. What he discovers sends him flying away from Juliet. But he soon discovers that Juliet is a lot more important to him than any vow he has ever made.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.