The Maddox Brothers

The Maddox Brothers - Ella Jade, Lacey Wolfe This was a cool collaboration between Ella Jade and Lacey Wolfe. Each brother had their own distinct traits as well as many similarities. Hudson and Liam Maddox have made their own way in the real estate and construction world. Hudson is tired of the playboy life and wants to settle but is having a hard time finding someone who wants to be with him and not what he represents. Liam on the other hand, breaks out in hives at the mere suggestion of commitment.

Both brothers meet their match, Hudson in the form of 24 year old, fledgling house flipper Kennedy Harper; and Liam in the form of his first love Chelsea Sampson, the only woman he has ever loved and the one who broke his heart. Unexpected feelings and unresolved hurt and anger complicate matters a plenty but what results is a sweet romance and place to come home to at the end of the day for both of the Maddox Brothers.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.