Her Normal

Her Normal - Peggy Barton If you're looking for a typical romance novel, this book is not it. In fact this is one of the most unusual books I've read. It took me a while to even get into it. Initially I found it bland, monotonous. I even stopped reading it for a few weeks. But then I decided to pick it up again. Then I realized the style of writing is more or less a thought process or rather a stream of thoughts; conscious and unconscious musings and realizations of the characters in the book. How presumably normal behaviors are perceived or expected. How one can hide their true self from those around them or then how maintaining control of one's inner self takes a toll on those around them.

This novel has enough potential to carve a niche for itself. I don't want to step on any creative toes here but it is my suggestion that a really good editor take a look at the manuscript. Aside from numerous grammatical and spelling issues, a good editor should be able to shape it into a more interesting read, something that would grab the reader beyond the first chapter, which by the way was a good start in capturing the reader's interest. The following chapters need work because as the tone starts getting monotonous that's where the interest starts flagging. There is a good story here hidden beneath a few superfluous layers. And justice to it would be done once it is brought to the surface.

ARC provided for an honest review