Brazen: B-Squad Book One

Brazen: B-Squad Book One - Avery Flynn I read this one initially as part of The Sutherlands anthology. It intrigued me enough to look out for the first part "Bulletproof". Bianca Sutherland is on a quest to find her missing friend. She shares an emotional history with Gidget and her other friends. Bianca has also found love with Taz Hazard who are now running B-Squad Security together and they are looking forward to a future together. But a secret from his past throws a spanner in the works and suddenly this relationship is in stormy waters. But the mission to find Gidget and discover who is the drug lord that is flooding the market with his mind control drug is of the utmost importance. So that is what Bianca and Taz focus on, pretending to be honeymooning on a resort island. Maybe he can convince her to give him another chance and save her friend at the same time.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.