Tucked Away (Entangled Select Contemporary) (Hearts of Montana)

Tucked Away (Entangled Select Contemporary) (Hearts of Montana) - Jennie Marts Just when Charlie thought that her life was over, fate in the form of an unknown Grandma steps in making her the heiress to a Montana farm named Tucked Away. With the opportunity to start a new life in front of her, Charlie grabs on with both hands. With two friendly ranch hands, an independent but sisterly teen, the suspected ghost of her Grandma and an array of quirky animals, life is starting to look good.

Then she runs into Zack and the heart she vowed never to open up again starts to take notice of the handsome and kind vet. But all is not hunky dory when first her overwhelming mother and then her absentee father turn up at Tucked away, revealing many secrets and hidden pasts. Misunderstandings become rampant and suspicious circumstances surrounding her Grandma's death are discovered.

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