An Eclair To Remember

An Eclair To Remember - Rich Amooi Fans of the movies An Affair to Remember and Love Affair, will just LOVE this book. Written in Rich Amooi's uniquely humorous style this fantastic romcom novel will have you giggling uncontrollably with its cinematic visual imagery in its 200+ pages. You will see Alaska through the eyes of Oscar and Sydney, who are incidently perfect for each other but are unfortunately tied up elsewhere. Let me just warn you, Serendipity plays a HUGE role in this book so if you are not a believer, be prepared to become one, at least fictionally. I am a BIG fan of Rich Amooi's writing so I may sound biased but I can assure you that you can pick up any one of his books and be 100% entertained to the core and An Eclair To Remember (even the title is hilarious) is just as good, if not better that all his previous works.

ARC provided in exchange of an honest review.