ST. BARTS a gripping Romance Novel Box Set

ST. BARTS a gripping Romance Novel Box Set - Emme Cross A lovely set of 4 books from the St. Barts series follows the romance and trials of Sunny O'Hara and Sven Larsen set on a beautiful tropical island. Readers may feel that Sunny is too good to be true, but her character was quite refreshing and I enjoyed her positivity and optimism. Sven, on the other hand, is the typical Hollywood playboy and several times I wanted to whack him upside the head. But his journey over these 4 books leads him to realize the gem he has in his life in the form of Sunny.

The story pulls you in. This book is not without tears and most definitely has fun and laughter along with thrills, intrigue, and mystery. An all round balanced saga about life and love on the Caribbean island of St. Barts.

Free copy provided in exchange for an honest review