The Handler (Entangled Embrace)

The Handler (Entangled Embrace) - D.R. Graham Cain Allen is under the protection of the Noir et Blue biker club while he waits for the 2 men who killed his father and set his mother and home on fire, to go on trial. The only problem is the third one escaped before he could be arrested and is still on the loose and Cain is the only one who can identify him. Burdened with growing expenses and hospital bills, Cain is working odd jobs to make some money. When he is offered a huge sum to "handle" superstar Lincoln Todd on a European tour, there aren't many reasons he can come up with to refuse the job. But when his feelings for Lincloln, and persistent paparazzi stalkings becomes public knowledge, it puts them both is danger because now everyone including his father's murderer knows where they are.

This is a very sweet story, with a lot of heartbreak but a happy ending. I would say it is suitable for teenaged readers though it does have some suggestive scenes, language and violence in it.

Free copy provided for an honest review.