Need You for Always

Need You for Always - Marina Adair Emerson Blake has put her dreams on the back burner to care for her family after the death of her mother. Struggling to make a living while her father indulges her little sister's fantasy world of pixies and fairies and blows off job interviews is taking its toll. But when the chance to fulfill a life long dream she shared with her late mom presents itself, she lacks sufficient funds to make the dream a reality.

Enter former army Ranger Dax Baudouin, home after a life altering injury makes him reconsider his career choices. As his personal chef/assistant, he would provide the funds she lacks for her food truck, but it also forces her into close proximity of the only one-night stand that she's ever had. Which leads to confused feelings and mixed emotions.

Because Dax is exactly what she needs in her life; somebody to lean on. But he's not going to stick around and she cannot afford to open herself up to love someone only to have them leave her once again.

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