Smolder - Tracy Solheim Sam Gaskill is starting over in Glacier Creek, Montana at the new captain of the smoke jumpers squad. He's not looking for entanglements. They only end badly for him. In fact that is the reason he's at the Whispering Breeze Ranching that will house Tabitha, a horse that he had gifted to his late wife, He's here to make sure his wife's dream is fulfilled, Tabitha competing at the national level. Only his attraction to the woman who's going to be training the horse hits him deep in the gut.

Laurel Keenan had dreams of her own, but an unplanned pregnancy threw a spanner in the works. Now she is following a career that is a smart choice but not who she is or what she needs. She's had a bad enough experience with her son's adrenaline junkie father. She cannot give her heart to someone who loves the thrill of danger more than he loves her.

But neither is prepared for the intense heat of their feelings for each other. So now they must decide if they want to fan the flames of love or put it out once and for all.

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