Aaron's Honor

Aaron's Honor - Lindsay Cross The book was sweet as a love story. Aaron and Celine's chemistry was off the charts, evident even in "Ethan's Promise". I did feel Aaron's pain at not being able to tell Celine how he truly felt as well as Celine's determination not to let her circumstances rule her.

But the thing that really put a bad taste in my mouth was the irresponsible way in which Celine's reaction toward Islam and Hijab was portrayed. Muslims and Islam being portrayed in such a way is irresponsible because it is just promoting Islamophobia. This is something that this world does not need in this day and age, because there is enough violence and death around us as it is. What one reads, views or listens to influences the way one thinks. What is practiced by those characters in the book is not Islam and they do not deserve to be called Muslims because violence and mistreatment is not Islamic in any way.

I understand that this is the portrayal of a fictional character's view and that they might not be the author's personal view. I don't mean to cause anyone offense through my words but, I don't feel this is a responsible projection especially when within this very series non-Muslim characters are contributing equally to the terrorism and violence being described. Extremism, violence and terrorism has no religion and to give it a religious label is not being fair to anyone.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.