Playing for Her Heart

Playing for Her Heart - Megan Erickson This book really focussed on the self-esteem issues people face and the reasons behind them. Most of these issues stem from an unbalanced upbringing and parents being unable to treat all siblings fairly and equally. Chloe Talley faced similar issues and is now quite uncomfortable being herself. The only way she can express herself is if she wear the persona of someone else. Which is why she makes such a great effort towards cosplay.

Grant Osprey, on the other hand, takes everything in his stride. He lives life on his own terms and takes care of everyone attached to him be they his friends or his family.

A chance encounter for the both of them turns into a one night stand - in cosplay. But they don't exchange names or numbers and she slips away before he's awake. But he can't forget her and she can't forget him. Then fate brings them together again. Chloe is Grant's new business partner's sister!

What follows is some steamy, role-playing hook ups and very nerdy humor. But Grant wants the real Chloe now and that send Chloe running.

Gamers is turning out to be one of my favorite series. So looking forward to the next title in the series

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review