Chosen by the Vampire Kings (The Chosen Series Book 1)

Chosen by the Vampire Kings (The Chosen Series Book 1) - Charlene Hartnady I have always enjoyed Charlene's books and this bundle was no exception. The Vampire Kings though irritating as hell have depth of character, especially Zane. Being chosen as a potential mate for either of the kings, Tanya is unprepared to deal with these 2 alpha males and has the additional burden of playing peacekeeper between the two kings who have an uneasy peace treaty between the two clans. But love does prevail in the end and Tanya makes a decision that is in the interest of both clans. The journey and the emotional upheaval all three characters face is at times humorous and other heartbreaking. There is also a good bit of adventures and hand to hand combat along with a host of characters from interesting species.

This is an adult series so expect some very explicit scenes but but the compatibility and romance between the characters is a key factor in making this series such a great one.

ARC provided in exchanged for an honest review.