His Undercover Princess (Tempt Me)

His Undercover Princess (Tempt Me) - Avery Flynn I had a little trouble getting into this book initially but about 1/3 in I was able to latch on. I'm all for instant attraction but the main characters' chemistry may have been a bit too blatant for me to digest at first because "hey! you don't know this guy from Adam" kept screaming in my head. But as you get to know a bit more about Dom's side of the story I could understand that even if Elle didn't know Dom, he did know her quite intimately. And since Elle had trained herself to keep herself emotionally distant jumping the bones of any guy she found attractive and accessible eventually made sense. And the ending.... the fairytale princess ending was quite the sprinkles on top of this gooey hot fudge sundae of a story.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review