Atrophy - Jess Anastasi At first I was a little wary of getting this book but fans of Firefly and Serenity! this is the series for you. Any one who has ever craved for more of this space Western drama television series + movie will LOVE Atrophy. Rogue space bad boys, ass kicking women, mysterious and evolved beings and of course let's not forget shape shifting aliens. Everything your heart desires in an awesome series by Jess Anastasi. So buckle down for this adventure, because it is going to blow your socks off.

Tannin and Zahli are the perfect couple, so in sync with each other and OMG the circumstance under which the come together is crazy. But when destiny calls you better answer because then you'd just miss out on all the fun. I'm so curious about how Rian is going to end up. So many interesting characters. I hope Ms Anastasi can churn out the books as fast as I can read them because boy, am I hooked! Whoa what a trip.