Revenge Best Served Hot (Entangled Indulgence) (Men of the Zodiac)

Revenge Best Served Hot (Entangled Indulgence) (Men of the Zodiac) - Jackie Braun Brody Flynn has worked hard most of his adult life to finally see this moment. Douglass Shipping handing over reins to him in a hostile takeover. A tragic accident that claimed the lives of his parents is the source of his motivation, because the fatigued truck driver responsible was an employee of Douglass Shipping and a victim of of their policies. He is finally going to get his revenge.

The former CEO’s daughter Kate Douglass, has never been treated more than an adornment by her father. Her ideas and suggestions for the company were always ignored and now she has to watch the company, her family's legacy being taken over by a ruthless businessman, who will probably be looking to make tidy profit by breaking it down into parts and selling it off piece by piece.

She must try and convince him to delay his plans and give her a chance to make Douglass Shipping profitable once again in it's entirety by hiring her as an employee. So when he decided to make her VP of a department she gained the opportunity to work closely with him to achieve her target. But neither of them were prepared for the tangible attraction between them nor did they know that the one who they thought was the enemy would actually end up becoming their saviour.

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