Her Secret Prince (Royal Holiday Book 2)

Her Secret Prince (Royal Holiday Book 2) - Madeline Ash Dee is in love with her best friend Jed and she's ready to give him everything of herself, but a mysterious visitor causes Jed's mother to uproot his life and disappear... without saying goodbye. Ten years later Dee finds herself disillusioned about love because she's just been a placeholder for everyone who came into her life, someone to have a good time with until the real thing enters their lives. Everyone has left her behind and she is ready to give up.

But one day when she returns from a coffee run she finds a ghost from her past haunting her living room. Jed has returned and he needs her friendship once again. He needs her strength to face the man he and his mother have been running away from all their lives, his father. But what neither of them know is that Jed's father is the ruler of Leguarday and Jed is his only heir. There has always been a void in his life, he was never given the choice to belong to a place or a person and he finds a place to belong to in Leguarday but his home is with Dee, and once again he must make a sacrifice.

I loved this book. What a bittersweet story with a happily ever after. Madeline Ash has a way of writing her stories a little dark with a hint of mystery and sad but there is always a happily ever after. I am also happy to see Alexia and Parker from "The Playboy" again. I loved the crossover between the two series. Hope to see more of this.

Free copy provided in exchange for an honest review.