A Midsummer Night's Fling (Stage Kiss Series Book 1)

A Midsummer Night's Fling (Stage Kiss Series Book 1) - Beth Matthews If you love Shakespeare or theater this book is for you. The production of an elaborate Shakespearean play is the background and in the spotlight is Max and Nicola; childhood sweethearts and star-crossed lovers. Inexperience, immaturity, insecurity and various situations of their own making caused a heart shattering break-up and since then they have made their own paths into the world of theater. 5 years later an opportunity to break free from touring and musicals brings Nicola back into Max's life. Putting their past behind them and keep things professional becomes a challenge for the both of them because the truth is that they feel too strongly about each other. The fact that they know the other too well makes their onstage and off stage chemistry explosive.

A witty, sexy and romantic story that will hold your interest and make you feel you are right there in the audience, watching this whole theatrical display unfold.

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