A Mate for Gideon

A Mate for Gideon - Charlene Hartnady Gideon, head of security for the Vampire Kings, has a few secrets of his own, one of them being a relationship with.... a human. Highly forbidden and resulting in severe punishment, a crime in the vampire world. After a 7 week long fling, a hasty retreat from the girl followed but a return filled with regret many months later, he finds Jenna involved with and pregnant by another man.

Over a year later he is overseeing security for the Breeding Program and comes face to face with a ghost from his past. Jenna is part of the Breeding program and may be a potential mate to one of the 10 elite. For one, he feels that she should not be eligible for the program, considering her circumstances so she must have lied and two, Jenna belongs to him!

Xavier behaves like the typical bull-headed male vampire and doesn't allow her to explain her reasons for being there, focusing instead on getting her disqualified from the program. You will want to punch him in the face and tell him to shut his mouth and open his eyes and ears. But once he does stop to listen to what she has to say, regret for his haste and foolishness, for his behavior in the present and the past, takes deep root. Now he will do everything to save her from her life outside the castle walls and keep her with him forever.

A complex story of misunderstandings and bad timing. This particular installment deals with physical abuse, a sensitive but a much "needs to be talked about" issue. Too many women face this hell of a reality in silence and the need to speak up and reach out for help is essential if they are to survive and have any kind of life.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.