On The Hunt

On The Hunt - Rebecca Zanetti, Hannah Jayne, Dianne Duvall, Alexandra Ivy This is an interesting compilation of authors, I am a great fan of Alexandra Ivy and Rebecca Zanetti and it was my first time reading Dianne Duvall and Hannah Jane

Hunt by Alexandra Ivy : The Sentinels is on my favorite series list so this novella was a treat for me. Loved Mika's single minded focus on Bailey and on his mission at the same time. This Sentinel knows what he wants and nothing is going to stop him from going after it. 5 stars for Hunt

Scorpius Rising by Rebecca Zanetti : A prequel novella to her upcoming new series The Scorpius Syndrome. Since I am a fan of the TV show Helix, this one was right up my alley. Definitely going to follow this series.
4 stars for Scorpius Rising

Phantom Embrace by Dianne Duvall : This author was a first for me and I found her writing to be a wonderful mix of classic and contemporary. Will be reading up on other titles in this series. 4 stars for Phantom Embrace

Stake Out by Hannah Jayne : Another first time author for me. Although I enjoy vampire stories, I just could not get into this one so I didn't finish it. I may visit it later since it is quite an extensive series but for now 3 stars for Stake Out.