In Her Defense

In Her Defense - Julianna Keyes In Book 1 we saw Caitlin Dufresne as a cold calculating 5th year associate lawyer, focused on her career and success, looking out for Number 1. But her we get to see the real Caitlin Dufresne, the human being, the woman behind the workaholic lawyer and she's actually not all that bad. A product of her upbringing she really has no choice in being who she is. So when she is forced by her firm to limit her working hours, prove that she can be a team player and take a vacation before she is ready to take over the LA offices, things change drastically.

Enter Eli Grant, initially the bane of her existence because he's the one responsible for restricting access to anything work related after hours. Then he shows her there is more to life than work and that you can love more than one thing. But he has his own issues and Caitlin can only tell him how she feels, the rest is up to him. Because the one thing Caitlin knows better than anyone is to never give up.

I loved book 1 (TIME SERVED) but book 2 was even better.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.