A Wife in Every Sense

A Wife in Every Sense - Joanne Walsh Kate is a good girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. Unfortunately a bad experience in the past makes her wary enough not to trust her heart again. That is the reason she can no longer work for Aleksei Aleksanou. After 3 years working closely with him as his PA she is aware that he would never reciprocate her feelings because Aleksei does not do relationships, forget being in a committed one. So she says farewell to her job to travel for a while but not before they fall in to bed one frantic and crazy night.

10 weeks later she's in his hometown on the small Greek island of Naxea and she's pregnant. Before she can blink, her purse is stolen and she is knocked into unconsciousness. When she wakes up in a hospital she realizes that her rescuer is none other than Aleksei and what a proposal he has prepared for her.

From there begins a series of tug of wars, back and forths, passion and sorrow. A test of endurance for Kate and the opportunity to have a family of his own for Aleksei.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.