Eden's Deliverance (Eden, #4)

Eden's Deliverance (Eden, #4) - Rhenna Morgan Ludan and Brenna are characters that have intrigued me since Book 1 and I'm so excited that they have their own book. The prophecy has been at the heart of this series and everyone's story has revolved around it. But Brenna's role in it was probably the most surprising. Tortured and damaged she shies away from any form of interaction. so deciding the fate of both the races is not something she's prepared for.

Ludan is just as isolated as Brenna and even more, he's intimidating. The secret he carries within is something that he'd rather not reveal because it would prevent him from fulfilling his duties to his Malran. Brenna though throws him completely off balance and what is even more unusual is he's the only one she seems to trust long enough to get close enough to protect her.

Together they thrive, even though they have much to learn and overcome. I think of all the couples in this series. Ludan and Brenna are my favorites. I just wish this series wasn't ending.

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