Claimed by the Warrior

Claimed by the Warrior - Joss Wood Jed Hamilton is ex-special Forces and a current undercover recovery agent. Returning home after almost a year, he realizes that he has missed too much; his sister's pending marriage for instance. A strong disbeliever in marriage, his distaste is evident to his sister as well as McKenna Dixon, the second as he walks into her bridal salon. The attraction between them though, is instant and sparks fly right away.

But McKenna has a history of choosing the wrong guy and living with those mistakes has made her cautious. Even worse is that the one guy she thought was decent enough to go on a couple of dates with is now threatening her through emails and phone calls. And when he attacks her home and destroys her bridal salon, Jed moves in to provide her and her toddler daughter with protection.

But in spite of the imminent danger to their lives, love creeps up on them and stirs up feelings within Jed that he never thought would be a possibility for him.

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