The Rebel

The Rebel - Victoria Purman I thought the first 2 books were good but the 3rd is terrific. What a great guy Cooper is and quite unexpected. One would expect the vagabond playboy to not want to be burdened down by responsibilities, but this stand up guy takes on what isn't even his to bear.

Fellow wanderer Maggie is as amazing a woman as Cooper. She gives up her dreams of exploring the world, living each day as it comes to be a full time mom when she discovers she's pregnant. And though she may miss that life, she has never regretted it. Evan is a sweetheart and deserves as much as she can provide

The only thing missing is a man to depend on and when Cooper provides her with the opportunity she grabs on to it. Being in love with him for 6 years definitely helped in that decision besides the fact that they deserve each other and that they are perfect together.

Expect quite a few laughs because there is some great humor but do be ready for frequent sniffles as this book is filled with sweet and emotional awww gawsh! moments.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.