One Night with the Billionaire (Men of the Zodiac)

One Night with the Billionaire (Men of the Zodiac) - Sarah Ballance A sweet rags to riches story about unrequited love. As neighbors during their growing years, Ryder Nash was the boy from the other side of the tracks whereas Zoe Davenport was the rich girl living in the big mansion, crushing on the boy living in the servant quarters.

Many years later Zoe is a lawyer in her father's firm, each step and decision of her life tailored by her controlling father. When a scandal involving selfies of her hand picked senator fiance, and a number of young interns dominates the headlines, Zoe escapes to a private resort. And she comes face to face with Ryder, who is the owner.

Of course the inevitable happens, how can it not. Ryder's feelings were mutual but he was coerced into not expressing them and the reason why is the huge ticking time bomb of a secret that lies in the path of their happiness and a future together.

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