Waking Eden (The Eden Series Book 3)

Waking Eden (The Eden Series Book 3) - Rhenna Morgan Ramsay Shantos has been one of the more aloof characters in this series. To see him fall hard and fast for Trinity was quite refreshing. Being fated to be together comes with it's perks, at least for Trinity it does. Trinity is an enigma. A cross-breed of 3 separate races, she carries gifts of her own. But she refuses to own them. She has lead a lonely existence, without touch or affection because she does not want to bear the burden of knowing anyone's deepest darkest secrets. Ramsay is the one person she can touch and explore a whole new dimension of life with. Together they discover much about the prophecy and soon realize that her light to his darkness will play a crucial role in the future of Eden and Evad. I am really looking forward to the last installment in this series, where two of favorite characters, Brenna and Ludan, get their own story. As destiny unfolds I'm sure they have a mighty role to play too.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.