Turning the Tables (Entangled Brazen) (Italian Connection)

Turning the Tables (Entangled Brazen) (Italian Connection) - Joan Kilby This was a very true to reality story. We take it for granted that the rich naturally have a life to covet, not keeping in mind that they too can be victimized by people and the media. Tina and Luke have an explosive chemistry, a chance encounter leading them to fulfilling each other's desires. Luke has been upfront about who he is and what he does but Tina is wary of revealing her true identity preferring Luke to believe she is a lowly shop assistant instead of the owner. A bad break up and hoards of negative publicity have left a bad taste in her mouth and since her time with Luke is so short she prefers to live the fantasy they have built instead of revealing what is true. But now that she's feeling something for Luke she needs to decide what is more important, keeping her false identity or keeping Luke.

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