Lured In: A Fishing for Trouble Novel

Lured In: A Fishing for Trouble Novel - Laura Drewry I love this series because it reminds me so much of my father who was one of the pioneers of sports fishing in my country. So much of the terminology is familiar from my childhood when he was teaching us what he knew.

Lured in is Finn and Jessie's story. I think the are going to be my favorite couple of this series. Jessie's backstory intrigued me in the first book and I found her friendship with Finn very endearing. Seeing them together in this book made me very happy. In spite of being cranky and grumpy the patience and care he shows Jess is adorable. Of course, his trust issues create problems but I can understand Jess' lack of confidence considering her childhood. This is a pretty great book and one that I would never hesitate to recommend.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.