Letting Go (Entangled Embrace)

Letting Go (Entangled Embrace) - Jessica Ruddick This books delves into the issues that most college students face but are overlooked because we expect them to cope with the pressues of adulthood. The burden of tuition fees, underaged drinking, unstable relationships and emotional disbalance. When parents are MIA, emotionally unavailable or generally ignorant about their children, disaster is inevitable.

Cori is a top class student, focused and hard working with a consistent 4.0 GPA. But her life starts spiraling out of control. First she discovers her boyfriend of 5 years didn't die in a car crash, he committed suicide. Then her irresponsible parents forgot to send in the required financial aid forms for her scholarship and now she doesn't have enough money. So to pay her tuition, she has to return to the grueling pageant circuit while juggling a part time job and school, which leaves her exhausted and her studies neglected. To top it all, her dead boyfriend's father, now overcome with guilt because he never had enough time for his son when he was alive, insists on grilling her about the son he never knew, reopening wounds that she is trying so hard to to heal.

The only thing that seems good in her life right now is Luke, a frat member paired with her sorority but her issues are starting to come between them. In order for her to have a future with him she needs to be honest about her past and let go of it, before she allows her herself to be consumed by it and lose Luke too.

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