Montana Hero

Montana Hero - Debra Salonen I loved this book. It was just so real and down to earth, a very natural and relatable story. Flynn is dealing with the death of someone he couldn't save. He's looking for a fresh start and taking over Marietta's SAR is just what he needs. Burned by a previous marriage, he's protecting his heart and is playing it safe.

Kat has a "death sentence" hanging over her head, in the form of potential early onset Alzheimer's. A single mom to a son with Asperger's syndrome, she lost her husband to divorce, her mom to Alzheimer's and a father with no identity. Hoping for some answers she moved to Marietta and found a job with SAR, but after more than a year she still didn't have the nerve to follow through on confronting the man she suspects is her father.

Together Flynn and Kat have this great chemistry that complements each other and they make a great team. The attraction is blatant between them but neither wants a messy entanglement in the workplace

I think Brady is the real hero of this book. I just loved his character. He really knows his mind. He's clear on his target and so focussed. Even though his plan went awry he was still able to achieve what he set out to do. Find a family for himself and his mom.

As always you will meet many of the Montana series favorites and a few new characters that will make the basis for a few more Big Sky Mavericks titles.

Free copy provided in exchange for an honest review.