Michel/Striker (Bayou Heat Book 15)

Michel/Striker (Bayou Heat Book 15) - Alexandra Ivy, Laura Wright Michel: It's a quick transition from mistrust to love for Michel. Though he is very attracted to Dr. Chelsea Young he does not trust her. But now that they are paired on a mission he can no longer hide how he feels about her. Chelsea too now has a chance to atone for her past and make amends with the pack. There is a lot of action taking place, it is very fast paced, but it does take the time to highlight essential romantic elements. There is a major game changing moment in this part so I'm really curious as to what is going to happen next.

Striker: Ooh la la! This guy has got the best job of all. If only he stopped letting his past rule him and allow his true feelings to surface. As for Twelve, she needs his help to recover her memories. Striker has been written entirely from a 1st person perspective, which is new for the Bayou Heat series. Even though I love the pattern that Bayou Heat has followed till now, I must say that it was very refreshing to read it from this perspective. Feels more insightful, like you are right there and can feel everything they are going through. And much more individualized, more focused on the character.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.