Kiss The Bride

Kiss The Bride - Rachael Johns This was really sweet story with very sad twist but a really great HEA. Magdalena after being estranged from her family for more than a decade has finally plucked up the courage to return home and be with her mother who is ill. Though amends have been made, her relationship with her parents are still strained. The cause: the unknown father of her teenaged daughter

Country music singer, Jake Kohl, has lost his inspiration. He hasn't written anything new in a while and has moved to Marietta in search of a fresh start. Being forced in to participate in the event of the year, a celebrity wedding in Marietta, he auditions several female singers for a duet, when he is surprised by Magdalena's sweet voice.

Irresistibly drawn to each other, Magdalena finds herself trusting and confiding in Jake about things that no one knows. And Jake finds his muse again. But when past and present collide, Magdalena finds herself returning to her shell that had protected but isolated her from the people she loved for all these years, believing that life was better than the one in which she must face her fears and stand up for the truth.

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