Redemption River: Men of Mercy, Book 1

Redemption River: Men of Mercy, Book 1 - Lindsay Cross, Elle James Hunter James is a man on a mission. His last mission had gone very wrong. But now he's back home in Mercy, recovering from his injuries and ready to avenge the men he lost. But Mercy is full of ghosts from his past and his new mission is to confront the one ghost in particular he wants to avoid. Unfortunately the only way to get the information he needs he must face Evangeline Videl once again. The only woman he has ever loved and currently the enemy and key to right what had gone very wrong on his last mission.

Evangeline Videl was heartbroken after Hunter left and turned into the arms of Marcus, currently the Mayor of Mercy and worst person on the planet. Hunter's attempt to coax Evie into trusting him once again only t hand her over to the authorities later, fails when he realizes that his quick judgement and memories of cheating parents was the reason he lost Evie in the first the place. He was the reason she was tangled up with Marcus and the regret he feels renews his feelings for her once again. But his lack of trust and inability to tell her the truth about his reasons for pursuing her put her in even greater danger once she discovers his true intentions. What follows is a race against time and battling Mother Nature in order to reach the only woman he's ever loved before he loses her once again, and this time it would be forever.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review