Tempted by Fire

Tempted by Fire: Dragons of Bloodfire - Erin Kellison Dragon shifter Thane Ealdian has been searching for his wife and child for many centuries and now he hears the Night Song and feels his final shift is near. But then the remains of a woman in mid-shift and an infant are discovered in an archeological dig, and now revenge is the only thing on his mind. Then Emerson Clark enters his isolated life and turns it upside down. Emerson is responsible for mediating the claim of the remains between Thane and his rivals the Heolstors. Thane is adamant that they are the murderers but Emerson is not fully convinced of that.

But as Thane and Emerson dig deeper into the circumstance surrounding the end of his family, the truth about betrayal and family come to light, for both of them. In fact Emerson just might be the one to save Thane from a painful destiny.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.