Fate Undone (The Mythean Arcana Series Book 5)

Fate Undone (The Mythean Arcana Series Book 5) - Linsey Hall As all you Thor addicts know, Loki is Thor's nemesis, evil, conniving, manipulative and vengeful. But Linsey Hall's Loki is the complete opposite, Sure he's a bit self absorbed, even a little self righteous, but his heart is in the right place. He is the god who must restore balance to the havoc caused by the arrogance of the other gods, He is the god who must teach the others a lesson in humility. So when one of his "lessons" goes awry and he is sentenced to be punished for eternity, he finds himself being whisked away to safety by Sigyn, the woman he loves, the woman who has now brought the wrath of the gods, including her own mother's, upon her head. Now they have been banished from Asgard and must face an eternity on Midgard, away from each other because Loki has turned Sigyn away, admonishing her for her foolishness.

Centuries later, in spite of new names and new identities, their paths cross once again and feelings once denied rise to the surface. This time he is not letting her go but first he must fulfill his quest otherwise all the gods including Sigyn who is a demigod, will be lost forever.

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