The Highland Renegades Boxed Set: Volume I

The Highland Renegades Boxed Set: Volume I - R.L. Syme Fans of Outlander will love this series. Especially those who need a Highlander fix off season, this is the perfect boxed set to tide you over.

1 The Outcast Highlander - 4 stars

Kensey MacLeod is on the run trying to escape an English lord who is bent on claiming her lands. The Sinclair family is her only ally. But as she attempts to escape, her journey seems ill-fated from the start. Her saviour, an outcast Highlander who seems to stir up feelings that should not exist.

Broccin Sinclair was exiled when he refused to let the English invade his beloved Scotland.While fighting for freedom he attempts to keep an eye on his family from afar and discovers the girl who stole his heart years ago, facing a terrible fate of her own.

2 The Runaway Highlander - 4 stars

Anne de Cheyne was promised to Broccin Sinclair, but when he chose to fight for Scotland and was stripped of his title and exiled, her mother decided to seek other suitors for her; or rather sell her to the highest bidder. At one of these attempts to make a match for her is where she meets Aedan Donne, a scarred gun for hire. His disfigurement does not deter her from falling for him because she can see the man behind the scar.

When an opportunity arises that would help her escape the bought marriage and secure the safety and futures of herself and her sister, Anne jumps at it. Soon she becomes embroiled in a plan to help her former fiance escape from prison and finds Aedan hot on her heels; paid by her mother to bring her back.

But convincing him that she is better off running for her life with the Renegades than going back to her mother and betrothed, puts a whole new plan in motion; one that has Aeden dreaming of a future with Anne.

3 The Pirate Highlander - 4 stars

Malcolm Sinclair ran away from home embarrassed and disgraced by his actions. Being used to a life of ease, he now faces the unknown. Captain de Witt is an infamously ruthless privateer, looting the English. Under his tutelage Malcolm flourishes and learns to control his emotions. When de Witt is injured in battle he entrusts the rescue of his daughter Josephine to Malcolm, decreeing that they be married aboard ship with the crew as witnesses, as soon as she is rescued.

Lillian Mason is out for revenge. In an attempt to avenge the murder of her brother and cousin she switched places with Josephine de Witt and hides in the sack that is brought on board to Malcolm.
He is stunned when instead of someone resembling her father, a red-headed Gaelic speaking woman tumbles out. Realizing her plan has failed Lillian continues to pretend that she is Josephine and since none of the crew members have seen her before, she is able to pull it off. Until she realizes that she has been married to Malcolm and is now rapidly falling in love with him. Now she must decided if she is willing to lose the man she loves to avenge her brother's murder. Or continue to keep up appearances, until her true identity is revealed and lose Malcolm in the end anyway.

3.5 Malcolm's Return - 4 stars

Malcolm and Lillian set out to rescue Josephine de Witt and redeem themselves in way for not doing so in first place. They return to Castle St. Clair to make amends with his family and seek their help only to find Kees Rademacher, Josephine's father and adopted brother, awaiting their arrival. Captain de Witt has appointed Kees with the task of retrieving Josephine from the enemy's camp and bringing her home. But when they discover that she is being held at a brothel, Malcolm leaves Lillian behind at Castle St.Clair and joins Kees on the rescue mission.

But Josephine has plans of her own. In an attempt to end the feud with the Wyatts she is prepared to sacrifice herself. What she is not prepared for is the attraction she feels toward Kees who is just as surprised by his feelings for her.

4 Lachlan's Revenge - 4 stars

Lachlan MacLeod has suffered at the hands of the English and survived. Now he is once again threatened by them and he sets a plan in motion with the help of his nephew Cailean. He plans to marry the daughter of the English Earl who is threatening his lands. But due to a case of mistaken identity he marries the wrong woman, the handmaiden Elsa Bouchard. But she has plans of her own. Finally she has a chance to escape the tyrant Earl's household and return to her son in Navarre but first she needs to convince Lachlan to let her go.

5 Cadha's Rogue - 4 stars

Cadha de Witt is heartbroken to find that her family has return to Scotland without her first love Maas. Maas who was adopted by Captain de Witt as a young boy, has found his sister Lillain, who married her father's second in command Malcolm Sinclair and decided to remain in Scotland. She pays Greta to take her from Holland to Scotland. But Greta is actually a disguise used by Valc, who needs the money to pay a debt he owes. But Cadha is in a hurry and doesn't want to take the cautious path laid out by Valc, so when she changes course while he is asleep, she puts both them and their ship in danger. What follows is a journey filled with danger, romance and heartbreak for many of the parties involved.

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